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spoke of the united nations general assembly. he talked about the progress of the afghan security forces and the continued violence in syria. this is 15 minutes. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, as we speak today, the world is shaken by the fanatics who have committed acts against the face of over 1.5 billion muslims. we strongly condemn these offensive facts whether it is the production of the film, the publication of cartoons or indeed any other act of unsold and provocation. such acts can never be justified in a speech of expression. equally they cannot give a reason for the protest to be used to fight violence with terrible losses of innocent lives is a matter of concern the world remains by the occurrence of the violence, he tried and injustice. in particular, the phobia is a phenomena has coexistence among the cultures and civilizations. i call upon the leaders in the west, will both politicians and the media to confront the struggle in all but many forms and manifestations. it is incumbent upon us all to advance the cause of dialogue and cooperation despite the sources of prov
international initiatives linked to the work of the united nations special envoy kofi annan. out of principle, syria received the united nations supervision is seen in syria, and furnish it with all facilities needed to enable it to deploy in syria in an unprecedented record time. the syrian leadership also announced its full commitment to the implementation of the six-point plan presented by mr. a non-con and started practical implication of this provision. also welcomed the geneva community that stressed the need for the implementation of this provision. however, the behavior of the armed groups which sought to exploit the syrian government's commitment to the plan and to the geneva communiquÉ in order to make gains on the ground in an area of their presence added to that statement issued by some western and arab countries. all of these have exposed the actors and states working to thwart all these initiatives. syria has welcomed the appointment of mr. lakhdar brahimi as the special representative of the secretary-general to succeed mr. annan. it has stressed its willingness to fully coope
. >> tonight on c-span2 iranian president a speech to the united nations. he was there earlier today along with other world leaders to was that at 8:00 p.m. eastern and five pacific. taking a look at the presidential candidates' schedules this week president obama spent the day in ohio campaigning in bowling green and kent. some of the president travels to virginia for rallies. his republican challenger mitt romney was in virginia today and stays in the region tomorrow with more campaign stops in virginia and the district of columbia. meanwhile, the vice-president of candidates on the campaign trail, paul ryan spend a day in colorado, vice-president biden campaign tomorrow and florida. >> to foster work and enterprise in the middle east and other developing countries i will initiate something i will call prosperity pacs, working with the private sector to identify the barriers to investment and trade and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurialism in developing nations. opening the market to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance package is focused on develo
, the united nations general assembly meeting continues today in new york city. one of today's speakers, the libyan president, is expected to address the united nations around 5 p.m. eastern, and we'll have his remarks live for you on our companion network, c-span. >>> and on our campaign 2012 coverage, tonight a debate between candidates for u.s. senate in nevada. incumbent republican dean heller is up against democratic congresswoman shelley berkeley. that gets under way at 11 p.m. eastern live on c-span. >> to foster work and enterprise in the middle east and other developing countries, i'll initiate something i'll call prosperity pacs, working with the private sector. the program will identify the barriers to investment in trade and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurialism in developing nations. and in exchange to opening their markets to u.s. investment and trade, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages focused on developing the institutions of liberty, the rule of law, property rights. >> we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture.
in the long run, the united states will be well served by being a nation that sends the signal to the world that come even though we are saying we like legal immigrants, we are comfortable with where we are at. the needs of our workforce don't support that. i think the future of our country is stronger if we go in another direction. so my hope is that we can get comprehensive immigration reform passed. >> is there a question? we will have you lining up. do that now while mr. cruz speaks. >> let me make a point on what the president did in terms of acting unilaterally. i think it should troublemaker castro and it should trouble democrats. a year ago, president obama said he had no constitutional authority to effectively grant amnesty to 800,000 people who are here illegally. and then, as we got closer to an election year, as we get closer to november, magically, he asserted that constitutional authority. >> shocked to discover the politics show up in an election- year. >> indeed, shocked. i am concerned by unchecked power in the hands of the executive, with that executive is a democrat or re
for signature and the united states signed the treaty on the very same day. ct dt is in the national security interest. as stated in the 2010 nuclear posture review, ratification of the ctbt is central to leading other states towards a world of the mesh reliance on nuclear weapons. reduced competition and eventual nuclear disarmament. since we have maintained a 20 year moratorium on an explosive nuclear testing, our policies and practices are consistent already with the central provisions of a comprehensive test ban treaty. the ratification would be a significant affirmation of the importance the united states attributes to the international non-proliferation regime. more importantly, the treaty enters into force u.s. ratification would concretely contribute to reducing the role of nuclear weapons and international security. for the global ban on the nuclear explosive tests the states interested in pursuing the nuclear weapons programs would have to either riss to torian weapons uncertain of their effectiveness or face international missions for conducting nuclear tests. the ctbt would subjec
spoke at the united nations generally assembly where he challenged the intrcial community to confront the ongoing turmoil in the middle east. here's a look. >> the attacks on the civilians in benghazi were attacks on america. we are grateful for the assistance we have received from the libyan government, and from the libyan people. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. i also appreciate that in recent days the leaders of other countries in the region, including egypt, tunisia, and yemen have taken steps to secure our diplomatic securities. and so have religious authorities around the globe. but understand the attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america, there are also an aat all times on the ideals upon which the united nations was founded. the notion that people can resolve their differences peacefully. that the diplomacy can take the place of war. that interdependent world all of us have a stake in working toward greater opportunity and security for our citizens. if we are serious about u
upon which the united nations was founded. the notion that people can resolve their differences peacefully. the diplomacy can take the place of war. that interdependent world us a of us have a stake working toward greater opportunity and security for our citizens. if we are serious about upholding the ideals it will be not enough to put more guards in front of the embassy or put out statements of regret and wait for the outrage to pass, if we are serious about the ideals, we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of the crisis. because we face a choice between the forces that would drive us apart and the hopes that we hold . >>> see of all what the president had to say tonight at 8:p.m. on compareon networking c-span. the discussion on the supreme court case challenging the legality of the health care law. we'll hear from two health care advisers that represent 26 states held at the university of colorado law schooled at bolder. it's about an hour. >> start with the actual development of the law itself the afarredble care act was a project that depending how you look at it
with the palestinians going to the united nations, and declaring, asking for unilateral declaration of statehood, there was one country, one country that stood with israel and stop that, and that was the united states of america with me talking to the president of the united states and the secretary of state making sure that did not happen. >> moderator: thank you. our next question comes from brent boynton it will directed to senator heller. >> those of us have heard of the drought come and different degrees of nevadans, just how devastating it can be to the stake him if it were listed as an endangered species. economist tells it would shut down a lot of our economic development. realistically, what can you do in the senate to prevent that from happening. heller: there's a lot we can do on this particular issue. it's a huge issue. for someto grow. hunting and fishing in the state of nevada, i have a little bit of experience with it. 's stage growls isn't a big issue for the state of nevada. it could close to 11 western states. we're talking an impact it would have on cattlemen, agriculture, min
on social media sites. >> join us tonight when we show you mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech to the united nations. he was there earlier today with other world leaders. watch that at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on c-span2. >> the center for american progress has a new report on the presidential election titled the path to 270 revisited. the report and this discussion examine how demographic changes and voter perception of the economy and ideology affect the campaigns and their strategies. panelists include ron brownstein and reiham salam. this is just over 90 minutes. >> thank you for joining us. the role of demographics, economic and voter registration and voter ideology in the 2012 election and i wish you a happy administration day. i'm sure everyone is registered to vote. make sure your friends and families are as well. this is covered by two fantastic teams like progress twenty-fifth the. we are a few weeks before the election and that may seem like a very short time but in politics is a lifetime. let's talk about the current state of the election and plenty of people have talked about
.s. has an international cyber strategy that was put out a year and a half ago. that said that the united states recognizes the internet, i'm paraphrasing, the message recognizes the internet as a key national asset. the united states will take all efforts to protect it. including diplomatic, economic and military action. and i just don't see that happening right now. i don't see it happening. it might be happening behind the scenes. i don't see it happening and i think the public needs to see it happening because i can take the corporations in this country see it happening. and i've talked to ceos in this country who have said they are fed up with getting punched in the face over and over and over again and nobody is doing anything about it. so they want to take their own action. they want to take, step up and they want to take some type of action. i am not suggesting that independent company start to hacked back against other organizations. but i think there's a lot more that they can do two great hostile and firemen on their networks but there's a lot more that they can do to make it m
at the reaction around the world, you'll see that we have a lot of other nations in concert with the united states who also believe the unilateral imposition of that emissions trading scheme is inappropriate. finally, there appears to be some recognition on the european side of late that there are real consequences for doing this. we will continue to press for the appropriate avenues for the resolution of an issue like this. we are continuing to make it clear that we have serious concerns and do not believe it should be implemented, and i think the consequences of the european union moving ahead unilaterally are much butter under by the e.u. these days. >> thank you. >> mr. chairman, thank you. just a few comments, and i think it's worth noting, often times, we point out when there are mistakes made or cost overruns, but, you know, i just have to say that since i've been involved, i mentioned in my opening remarks that there was a time when the faa couldn't tell us in layman's terms what nextgen was. it was not until secretary lahood was appointed, and randy babbitt, the former administrator in o
of physicians and science nationally. we reck these nice that -- recognize that do not only 99% of women in the united states use birth control at some point if her life, it's also 98% ifective, and it's approved by the fda. so we recognize this as basic preventive birth control, and it's something that's absolutely important to access. what i would say is there are physicians among us who are more ideologically sound than following the science of their practice. i've met them, um, and i try to meet with them x. to your last question, focus on compromise. you know, science and ideology, science and religion will never come 100% together. we base everything on medical fact and on evidence-based medicine. first is a spirituality and ideology. it is my belief that there's room for compromise, that we can look toward improving health outcomes of communities like infant mortality rates. women, especially here in this county, we have a very large infant mortality rate issues, and one of the causes is sexually-transmitted infections. well, by stripping away 60 health centers that provoided test
and all of the folks that are here. as the director of nsa, general alexander also commander of the united states cyber command, says it takes a team to address the challenges and issues that the nation has in cybersecurity and no one individual, department or agency or the government itself can address those challenges. it takes a team that includes the private sector, the government industry, our allies and our citizens to all come together and address those challenges, so i think it's appropriate that we would and together here today to have a dialogue on a really important issue, which is the supply chain challenge gindin formation communication sector and this threat is then important and complex issue for which there is no simple solution. and it is going to take a team effort to address. i haven't had the invitation to come today. i started thinking what is it that i could actually contribute to the discussion with individuals across the sectors from being on the panel or from being in the audience here would be officially you to help this discussion. as i thought inspiration really
the united states was the only country on earth where we put our hands over our hearts when we say the national anthem. which was quickly disproved just by looking at youtube, people around the world going like this when they sang the national anthem. he dropped that the very next day. i don't think he ever said it again. >> he paid the price. >> maybe. >> i would say that's an example of actually changing behavior, which i think happens rarely in small increments. >> and i think the other thing, we're talking before the panel with brendan about this, i think the other thing we don't know was how many conversations are going on with campaign message people, with people making as, with speechwriters come as they are talking about wording? and how often are they sang well, if we say that the fact checkers will get us. now, i suspect that's happening a lot. but the only evidence i have had of it as a column written by connie schultz who is married to jerry brown, who said that conversation happened in the brown campaign. i suspect it is happening in many campaigns, and i think that th
with article 2 # of the constitution of the united states. the powers that derive from that, and there's a number of supreme court cases that follow that, but you begin with the president's responsibility that to keep the nation secure. >> does he run into, and does the administration run into a problem if you do this by fiat, you're accused of circumventing the legislative process, drawing analogies to executive authorities that was practiced in previous administrations. do you worry about that? >> well, i think, again, congress has had a full opportunity to act. that was and is the preference. any executive order cannot do all that legislation can do, and so we're still going to need congress to come back and to act, but in the meantime, there are things that the president can do under his existing authorities that are under consideration. >> should be noted that there are members of congress urging you to do this. >> they are on both sides, do it, don't do it, i think senator lieberman has advocated it be done because of the frustrations in getting the senate to act on it. >> you th
the tragedy on april 16th at virginia tech. at the time tim and all virginians united, learned from what went wrong and improved the safety of our colleges, and so, tim, i commend you again for that. now, in so sofaras national sciewrs, there's a lot of challenges facing us. we had an uprising in iran years ago when people wanted a free and just society in iran, and i just wish the president said we're on the side of those who want to change that thee i don'- theocracy. when ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire, that gave heart to the prisoners. if iran gets nuclear weapons, that needs to be prevented. you have worries about particularly in syria, a chemical weapon stockpiles, you have the tax on embassies and consulates in libya and egypt and elsewhere around the world. it's why it's so dangerous and wrong to be playing these political games with our armed services. we need to be strong, a strong economy to have a strong national defense, but the last thing we ought to be doing is having devra devastating cuts te military readiness, and that's why what has to happen is respo
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17